Stay with Me Socks

I know every parent has been there. You get home after a day out with the kids and your little one is missing a sock. It happens to us all the time. Baby L loves to pull off his socks...mostly because he thinks they are a chew toy (Gross! Good thing he isn't walking yet). When I was contacted about Stay with Me socks I knew I had to try them.

Stay with Me Socks features a Velcro strap that fastens around the ankle to create a secure and comfortable fit for babies. The socks come in two different sizes: 0-3 months and 3-14 months. The Velcro strap on each pair can be fastened in the front for smaller babies and the back for older ones. This allows the socks to accommodate baby as he grows. Stay with Me Socks also feature a skid proof bottom for baby as he learns to stand and walk.

We received two pairs to try out on Baby L. So I put them on and strapped him in. I waited and watched as Baby L played with his feet. I think the green and white stripes really got his attention. His socks are mostly plain white so even if I lose a couple they still match another one. I have to say Baby L tugged and tugged and the socks didn't come off. Finally he gave up and just stuck his whole foot in his mouth. I'd like someone to invent something to prevent that!

We were really happy with Stay with Me Socks. They left me thinking "Why didn't I think of this?!" They are soft lightweight cotton socks. The straps also double as a loop to keep the socks together in the laundry. Here's another tip: I keep a pair in my diaper bag and loop the straps around the bag strap so I don't lose one.

Want your own pair of Stay with Me Socks? They hit Target stores this Fall for $4.50 and up. So grab yourself a few pairs.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for a review. It is the only form of "payment" I received. The review and opinions are my own.


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