Bumble Bells Product Review

Are you always worried about keeping an eye on your child? I know as a mother myself I'm constantly worried my son will take off and I won't know where he's gone to. He runs down a different isle in the grocery store or likes to hide in between the clothes racks of stores. I know every mother out there can relate. I've got the perfect solution to your worrying...Bumble Bells . Bumble bells are beautiful sterling silver, expandable anklets that have non-removeable bells on them that lets you know everytime your child moves. If your infant is rolling over, your baby is crawling away or your toddler is running off, you'll be able to hear every move they make.

I got a chance to try a pair of Bumble Bells. When I first opened the package I didn't expect them to be so beautiful. Made of 925 sterling silver they have a diamond and line design that adds character to these anklets. I tried them out on my niece who was a little scared at first by the jingling but before I knew it she was running around the house just to hear the bells, and my son was chasing behind her. Because these anklets are expandable I don't have to worry about her outgrowing them too soon. They come in two different sizes, Size A - 0-9 months and Size B - 9 months to 4 years. These anklets make a perfect gift for any new parent or a birthday gift for your special boy or girl.

You can order these special Bumble Bells by visiting their website Here or by visiting them on Etsy. A portion of every sale goes to Head Start. Head Start is the most successful, longest-running, national school readiness program in the US, providing comprehensive education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to low-income children and their families. Nearly 25 million pre-school aged children have benefited from Head Start. Place your order for these beautiful anklets and do your part in helping other children at the same time.

Personalized and Photo Confetti Review and Giveaway

Trying to find that special touch to add to an invitation, help decorate a baby or bridal shower, or enhance scrapbook pages? Have you thought about personalized and photo confetti for those and many more ideas? Pink Poodle boutique specializes in personalized and photo confetti. When I say personalized I really mean it! I was lucky enough to try out this special confetti and I got to choose everything from the shape of the confetti, up to 4 different printed messages, font and font color, confetti color combinations, and 4 different photos.

With all these choices you'll be sure to find a combination that fits your decorating theme or event. I chose the classic butterflies and hearts combination in pink and green to go along with an upcoming baby shower. I chose to use photos of the baby's big brother to make sure he was part of the celebration too. I will use the confetti to help decorate tables and use as accent fillers for the party favors. You can choose doves and bells for a wedding theme or cinderella for your princess' birthday party. There are even premade shapes such as "Just Married", "Happy Anniversary", palm trees or balloons. The possibilities and combinations are endless!

All of the confetti is made from 76 lb. acid-free paper so it's safe for scrapbooking and won't fade. The personalized and photo pieces are 3/4" in diameter and the solid pieces vary in size from 1/2" to 1 1/2". The confetti is double sided so no matter how you use it you will always see your messages and photos. If you have any doubt about your choices you have the option of receiving color samples to make sure they match your color theme. If your on a time crunch, urgent orders can be processed and shipped within 48 hours at no additional cost.

Now is your chance to to win a gift certificate for 1 free bag of personalized and photo confetti. Stop by Pink Poodle Boutique and leave a comment below about your favorite confetti shape. Leave a comment by Friday, Oct 10th. The winner will have 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Good Luck!

Hurricane Ike

Oh My Baby is located in Houston, Texas. We were affected by Hurricane Ike, experienced water damage and lost power for several days. We are working hard to catch up and get back into the swing of things. Check back soon as we have many product reviews and giveaways that will be posted in the next few days. Thanks for your patience.

No Slip Charlie Giveaway

Any one who has given a baby a bath knows just how slippery and dangerous it can be. With No Slip Charlie Bathing Gloves by Mom Sense you can take the worry out of your baby slipping right out of your hands. No Slip Charlie are fingerless gloves designed to improve your grip on a wet and slippery baby.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to try these gloves to see just how well they worked. At first, I assumed well if they have to get a grip on a wet baby then the material is probably textured and will be harsh on babies skin. I was wrong! No Slip Charlies are made of a soft poly/lycra fabric that gives you the extra grip you need without irritating baby's sensitive skin. The open fingertips make it easy to wash babies hair. They are a one size fits all glove for both mom and dad. No Slip Charlie also comes with 2 terry cloth wash mits that easily attach to the gloves to make washing the rest of baby a breeze. When you're finished simply wash the gloves with a little baby shampoo and hang to dry by their attached loop. The wash mitts can be thrown into the washing machine.

Now is your chance to win a new pair of No Slip Charlie. Simply stop by here choose your favorite color and leave it in a comment below by Friday, Sept 19th. A random winner will be chosen and will have 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Good Luck!!
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