Chick-fil-a Upcycling

Have you tried the tortilla soup from Chick-fil-a?? It's delicious!  It's a thicker tortilla soup than some may be used to but I love it none the less.  It comes with the perfect little kick too without being too spicy.

 Since I'm a lucky member of the Chick-fil-a mom panel I was challenged to a DIY upcycling of the chicken tortilla soup container.  It's a simple black plastic container with a clear snap on lid.
We spend an awful lot of time in the car and at baseball fields.  My two oldest play tournament baseball and our weekend tournaments are loooonnng and sometimes far away.  So I'm always looking for new things to occupy my two youngest.  They're too little to actually watch the games so I'm always bringing backpacks of activities for them to help pass the time.

I decided to upcycle my soup container into a look and find container.  It was pretty easy actually.  I just filled it with sand and a bunch of different small toys.  I glued the lid on so I don't need to worry about the sand spilling out all over the car.  My two youngest can flip it around finding new toys.
 And they just love the sound of the sanding moving around the container.

Check out more ideas on how to upcycle your soup container at #chickfilamomsDIY.
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