Is it just me or is Halloween the new Christmas? I swear I've been busier this week than I am the week before Christmas. We've had a Halloween party or playdate everyday and are booked through Sunday (atleast I'm getting my money's worth out of those costumes, right?). OK it didn't help that I was co-chairing my MOMS Club Halloween bash for the 60 who RSVP'd yes. That was a lot of planning, shopping and putting together more goodie bags then I've ever had to do at one time. It's great to be so busy and the kids are loving every minute. It's barely Halloween, I'm going to be burnt out by Thanksgiving and might not make it to Christmas.

I've been so busy I missed Wordless Wednesday yesterday. So to make up for it, here's a few pics

Baby L dressed as a penguin

I love this costume! Yes, it's adorable but that's not the only reason. Baby L's hands are covered by the flippers which is perfect because he's crawling. While we were at a party I didn't have to worry about him crawling around on the dirty floor and then sticking his hands back in his mouth. His hands stayed clean the whole time. Brilliant!

This is how I found Baby L napping. If you can't tell he was sitting up and then bent over and fell asleep. Doesn't look too comfy to me but he didn't seem to mind it. No, I didn't leave him like this.

Don't forget my Holiday Extravaganza starts Nov 16th. That's just a little over two weeks away. I'm really excited about this big event. Make sure to grab the button because it will be worth extra entries into all of the giveaway.

holiday extravaganza


candace said...

so cute!

Lady Mama said...

Love the penguin costume - very cute! And yes, I too have been extremely busy this week with Halloween preparations. Thankfully now am finished. Phew.

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

Adorable pictures! I know what you mean, this week has been crazy!

blueviolet said...

I just grabbed the button!

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