Blast Pad Review

Growing Tree Toys has a variety of education toys for boys and girls of all ages. They were generous enough to send me their Blast Pad for review.


What’s that flying through the air? It’s a bird – no it’s a plane – no it’s a Booster Pack Missile flying with the Blast Pad from Marky Sparky! Launch missiles high into the sky from the Blast Pad by simply acting like a frog and hopping onto the launch pad – your jump forces air through the launch tube and sends a Booster Pack Missile flying. The flex launch tube of the Blast Pad extends almost 3 feet, points safely away from children, and only launches in the vertical position. Start blasting away with the one-of-a-kind Blast Pad from Marky Sparky! Includes 3 missiles

After weeks of frigid temps and lots of snow we were finally able to get outside one afternoon. J was so excited to finally be able to open the Blast Pad. The missiles are foam tipped and I really liked that all of the pieces can be stored together. I don't have 3 missiles laying around or getting lost. J could get the missiles on the tube easily by himself. After jumping on the launch pad, we were all surprised by how high the missiles actually went. I'm embarrassed to say that Dear Hubby and I ended up in a contest to see who could get their missiles the highest while J would run after them. I felt good in knowing that the missiles can only be shot vertically into the air making it safer for kids. If the tube is bent, the missiles just pop off. I know this because Dear Hubby tried to aim one at me...nice influence huh?

Want to buy a Blast Pad for yourself? They retail for $27.95 and can be purchased at Growing Tree Toys.
I received this product free of charge for review from Growing Tree Toys. The views and opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way. Thank you to Growing Tree Toys for this opportunity!
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