So I'm a few days late in tying up loose ends. I still can't believe we're already in 2010! Today was the first day dear hubby went back to work and J went back to school after 2 full weeks off. It was so nice having the extra pair of hands helping out around here but it also made it easier to slack off a bit with things that need to get done. The holidays are a crazy time especially when you go out of town and have out-of-towners here like we did. I've spent the day cleaning, grocery shopping, doing laundry and just catching up on life.

I'm so late in mentioning this so I hope my secret stocking swapper can forgive me. I mentioned this in a short post before but didn't give all of the details. I participated in a secret stocking swap with Rocking Mama and MommyMandy. My partner sent me some wonderful goodies.

The sprinkles were opened before I took this picture because they came just in time for our cooking baking day. The boys love reading The Snowman book and we all love the S'mores book. In fact, I loved the book so much I ordered another copy and gave it to one of my best friends for Christmas. Thank you so much Stocking Swapper!!

The holidays are officially over and the decorations are all packed away. But now I'm in full swing planning Baby L's first birthday party next month. I can't believe he's already turning one! I guess I won't be able to refer to him as Baby L anymore.

So things should start getting back to normal around here. I've got a ton of great reviews and giveaways in store so I hope to see you around again.


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