Does your grocery store do this?

I LOVE Wegmans! If you're one of the unlucky people who doesn't have one near you, it is this amazing grocery store where you can buy absolutely anything! They even have a cafe area where you can sit down and eat a fresh crabcake, sub sandwich, sushi, pizza or pick and choose from an Asian and Indian buffet. This grocery store started in NY and I believe is only on the East Coast right now ( I feel bad for the rest of the country). I've always been a fan of this store because their prices are hard to beat.

A couple of days ago, Wegmans proved to me how fantastic they really are. There was a food recall on cantaloupes because of a possible salmonella contamination. There weren't any confirmed illnesses but there was the possibility. I bought one of these cantaloupes.

I've shopped in many different grocery stores over the years and whenever there has been a food recall it was always the same experience. I would hear about the recall on the news (or word of mouth, online etc) go into the store and there may or may not be a piece of paper taped to where the recalled food once was. I would have to think, did I buy that? Did I buy that during in the contamination timeframe? That was about the extent of notice I ever got.

Two days ago I had a missed call on my cellphone and a voicemail was left. It was from Wegmans telling me about the cantaloupe recall. They were informing me of what happened, that the cantaloupes were removed from their stores and how to go about getting my refund. They went through their computer system and because I swipe my Wegmans card at each shopping trip, they were able to track who purchased these cantaloupes, the timeframe and contacted each customer. I walked into Wegmans this morning and went to the customer service counter. They swiped my Wegmans card (to verify how many I purchased) and handed me my money back. It was that simple.

I have yet to hear about this recall on the news or any other outlet. I applaud Wegmans for not only announcing the recall but actually verifying and contacting each customer directly who made the purchase. I'm sure most grocery stores who have a shopping card is capable of this search option. They just don't use it to their advantage.


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