Waterpik SinuSense Review

SinuSense™ from Waterpik® is putting water to work in a whole new way, Waterpik® is bringing a "breath of fresh air" to the sinus wash category with a completely new line of sinus wash products called SinuSense™. The Waterpik SinuSense™ line has a product for everyone, even kids, depending on their specific symptoms and needs. Just like washing your hands and brushing your teeth, sinus wash becomes part of your daily routine!

Squeeze Bottle- allows you to customize the amount of water flow for a complete cleanse, simply with an easy squeeze. The SoftSeal™ nozzle maximizes comfort and the One-Way FlowControl™ valve prevents backflow to maintain solution purity.

Neti Bottle- a unique approach to the traditional neti pot; its ergonomic shape, SoftSeal™ nozzle and One-Touch FlowControl™ valve make the Neti Bottle easy to hold, comfortable against your nose and creates a controlled gravity-fed water flow that provides a gentle sinus cleansing.

Even better, all SinuSense™ products are BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe and safe for everyday use, even for children ages 4 and up. Now everyone in your family can breathe easier- and cleaner!

We received both the Squeeze Bottle and Neti Bottle to review. Between the pollen, dog hair and just everyday particles in the air, sometimes we get a little stuffed up. The SinuSense bottles were easy to use. The water flow wasn't uncomfortable and even J likes trying it himself...with our supervision of course. Each bottle came with soothing saline easy-pour packs to add to the water. We did notice we were breathing a little easier after each use.

Waterpik SinuSense can be used to reduce the risk of allergy and sinus symptoms
- Nasal and allergy dryness
- Sinus pressure and nasal stuffiness
- Nasal symptoms from flu and cold
- Nasal irritation from dust, fumes, animal dander, grass, pollen and smoke
- Post-nasal drip and congestion

I received this product free of charge for review on my blog. All views and opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.


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