Kids Personalized Music

" Kids Personalized Music ... music that sings your child's name." Every child likes to feel special and what could be more special than having a song just for them?

Kids Personalized Music has a large variety of themes including Birthdays, Religious and Sports. Your child's name is featured in each song a number of times so they know it's made just for them. One of my favorites was the Fun Times Nursery Rhymes that included the classic rhymes I remembered from my own childhood. Your child's name is featured 36 times on this CD.

New in 2009, Kids Personalized Music is so excited to have received the rights to 6 Personalized Disney CDs. These include

Elmo and Friends
Disney Princess Tea Party
Sing Along with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy
Sing Along with Veggie Tales
Sing Along with Wiggles
Silly Songs with Veggie Tales

What little girl wouldn't love to have a tea party with Snow White, Ariel, Belle and Cinderella? Her name will be featured 56 times as she goes along with the princesses through the processes of getting dressed and proper etiquette. She'll also receive a personal invitation to the castle to accompany all Princesses at the tea party. Some of the enchanting songs include The Perfect Princess Tea, Every Girl Can Be a Princess, and I'm Waiting for My Prince. The alluring Princesses will dazzle your child with glamorous imagination and divine royalty.

Kids Personalized Music has been generous enough to offer all Oh My Baby readers a free personalized name print with any CD purchase. This is a $9.95 value. Simply enter "name print" at checkout.


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