Solo Summer Fun

I think everyone has used those red Solo plastic cups at some point in their lives. A birthday party, backyard bbq, or playing a few "games" while at a college frat party. Did you know Solo has come out with a new Solo Squared™ cup?

"With a unique, Squared™ shape and more side grips, you are guaranteed a great hold no matter where you grab the cup. That means fewer spills, less mess and less stress for you. And the new, easy to hold, 9oz cup with a lid and straw is perfect for smaller hands whether you’re at home or on-the-go"

To help spread the word about these great new cups Solo is having a Photo Contest for you to share how Solo has been a part of your everyday and special occasions. Enter your photo for a chance to win a grand prize of $5,000! There are daily and weekly prizes too.

Solo sent me a Summer Sponsored by Solo Kit. Included great things for summer fun like sidewalk chalk, water balloons, treats and of course some new Solo Squared cups. I took a few pics while using these items and actually decided to enter one of my photos into their Photo Contest. I won one of the daily prizes, a coupon for free Solo cups. Here's the picture of Baby L that I entered. He loved playing with the cups! As you can see even a baby can grip these new squared cups.

Oh and they aren't just red anymore, check out SoloGrips Ultra Colors. They come in cool colors like blue, green and orange to help match whatever your theme may be.


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