Cookies Cookies Cookies

So lately I've been trying to find my inner Betty Crocker. I've been on this kick of making and decorating different cakes, cupcakes and cookies. I've been wanting to find a good sugar cookie recipe and different ways to decorate them. I've been reading up with some of my favorite bakers that I follow for new tips. I kept coming across a certain cookie decorating book that included a great recipe as well as ideas for decorating for any occassion.

So I finally decided I wanted to buy this book after seeing several people rave about it. With two little ones at home I find my shopping is usually done online so surfing the web I went. I looked in my usual spots like Amazon and ebay first. Then I came across a site called so I figured why not try it out? is a search based comparison shopping site. I typed in the title of my book and voila! Not only did it find my book, but it found it for 12% less then I originally found it on those other guys. Let's be honest in today's economy everyone is looking to save a buck wherever they can.

The price wasn't the only thing about that I liked. This site also had a question and answer forum. You can type in a question about a product you are looking for and other members respond with their thoughts and experiences. I've always thought it was better to get real first hand opinions about something rather then going with the professional critiques (who I never seem to agree with anyways).

Needless to say I'm super excited about my new book coming. And it's just in time to get some practice in before the holidays start. Check out next time you're online!


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