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I can't begin to tell you how lucky I was to be chosen to participate in Mommy Parties sponsored by Pregnancy 2.0. I just had my third baby a short 8 months ago and with each child it was a brand new experience. Even though my kids are close in age there was always the newest product, gadget or toy with each one of them. One of the great parts of the Pregnancy 2.0 review was that there were product brands I already knew and loved as well as new ones I've learned about and love.

My review products included:
Baby Plus PreNatal Educational System
Britax Baby Carrier and Seat Extender Insert
Britax B-Agile Stroller
Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat
Rashti & Rashti Snuggle Buddies
Kid's Spry Products
Diaper Bag

So I invited several of my new and expecting mommy friends over for a little brunch and fun. I brought out all of the products for everyone to try out. There was a lot of 'ooooohhhh' and 'ahhhhh-ing'. One of my favorite products is the Britax B-Agile Stroller. I've been through several styles and brands of strollers over the past few years and I can honestly say this is definitely my favorite one I've owned! I loved how lightweight this stroller is at only 16.5 lbs. I can easily pick it up and put it in the back of my SUV with one hand. The seat reclines all the way down so Baby M can easily nap in it. Like most strollers the basket underneath isn't huge but it's open on all sides and not blocked by a bar or anything so it can hold larger bags. There is also an additional large zippered pocket attached to the back. The stroller maneuvers around smoothly which has helped a lot when L wants to be held while I'm pushing Baby M around. It also comes with a large canopy to block the sun. My biggest con would be no cup holders. But I think that's a con with many strollers. Cup holders are usually an additional cost.

The Britax Baby Carrier had something I hadn't seen before...a seat extender insert. This is used with the Britax Baby Carrier once the infant insert is not longer needed. It allows growing children to sit comfortably in the carrier facing inward which is a natural position rather than facing outward. Baby M is a total snuggler so he loves this position! Another favorite perk about this baby carrier is that it includes a burp cloth cover! I loved this because my old carrier never had one and all my babies love to suck and chew on the edge of the dirty carrier. This removable burp cloth makes it easy to wash over and over again.

BabyPlus sent a Prenatal Education System. I've always heard playing music for baby in the womb is supposed to help make them smarter but I hadn't heard of an actual prenatal education system before. "BabyPlus is designed to strengthen your baby's development with patented, scientifically designed audio lessons". BabyPlus parents have reported their babies at birth and infancy more readily nurse, have an increased ability to self-soothe, are more active and responsive and are more relaxed and alert at birth. I picked a name out of a hat and my sweet friend Sarah won the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System. She's due with baby number 3 early next year!

Rashti & Rashti makes a line of Snuggle Buddies that are just adorable! They are a security blanket and toy all in one. Each toy is a cute animal, monster, or doll. The body is a soft snugly blanket. Snuggle Buddies are small enough for baby to take anywhere. There is also a rattle that adds to baby's stimulation. Look at how cute Baby C was with her Snuggle Buddy.

The party continued at home as each guest received a fun goody bag filled with products from Spry including their gum, saline nasal spray with xylitol, tooth gel and coupons. There was also information, coupons and discounts from BabyPlus and Britax

I just want to say a big thank you to Mommy Parties sponsored by Pregnancy 2.0 and all of the companies who participated.

I received these products free of charge for review on my blog. All views and opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.


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