RECARO ProSERIES Carseat Review

When I first found out I was pregnant I went on a hunt for all of the best baby products. Carseats were at the top of my list. Nothing is more important than your child's health and safety. Since I'm constantly on the go, car safety is very important.

RECARO is an internationally recognized leader in seating safety, ergonomics, comfort and style. Over RECARO’s 100 years of history they have designed seats for the world’s most prestigious automobiles, race cars and award winning child safety restraints

I recently had baby #3 and over the years have been through several styles and brands of carseats. I was excited when I had the opportunity to review a RECARO ProSERIES carseat. I had never used the brand before and was very curious about the product. First, I went to RECARO's website for all of their latest and greatest info. Then I started doing my own research and finding reviews from real parents who have used the products. I have always felt you get the best info and honest reviews from real parents who use the products in their daily lives. I must have read through several dozen reviews on many different sites and to be honest, I did not find a single negative review. It was nothing but wonderful reviews and comments, one after another. So you can only imagine my excitement to try RECARO's carseat grew.

Both J and L were thrilled when the giant box arrived. Once we got the carseat out of the box they both needed a turn to try it out. I was very impressed with this carseat. It was strong and sturdy. I liked that you could use this carseat both rear facing (5-35 lbs) and forward facing (20-70 lbs.). RECARO has so many premium features to their proseries carseat including premium side impact protection, EPS energy absorbing foam, cool mesh air ventilation and RECARO's own seat structure design that has the highest weight limit available using the 5 point harness. In a nutshell, RECARO took everything they know about seating safety and miniaturized it and made it easy for parents on the go. The installation was simple to understand and I liked the true lock belt lock-off for added safety in the forward position. The turn of a knob adjusts the head restraint to fit each child. RECARO Side Impact Protection Protects 5 vulnerable areas of your child during a side impact collision, Head, Face, Torso, Neck and Pelvis.

RECARO developed and optimized side impact protection for race car seats in the 1990's then quickly adapted their expertise to set a new standard for premium child safety seats. The ProRIDE is tested to and exceeds all U.S. federal regulations for safety. All RECARO seats are evaluated in their seating competency centers in both the U.S. and Europe.

I received this product free of charge for review on my blog. All views and opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.


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