Proactive Comfort Pillow from Sleep Studio Review

A survey by the National Sleep Foundation http://www.sleepfoundation.org/article/sleep-america-polls/2005-adult-sleep-habits-and-styles probed couples on their bedtime behavior and found a direct correlation between marital happiness and sharing a good night’s sleep. The same survey found that nearly one in four American couples sleep in separate bedrooms or beds, often sacrificing intimacy for a preferred mattress or less nocturnal noise.

The stylish new Proactive Comfort Pillow from Sleep Studio is giving moms across the country a better night’s sleep and an added reason to smile wide each morning.

To ensure the best nights of your life, the Proactive Comfort Pillow offers maximum versatility for both side and back sleepers, including:

• Super comfortable ViscoFresh memory foam – the ultimate luxury in sleep comfort

• Neck cradle for back sleepers positions the body for maximum airflow and reduced snoring (YES! Snoring!)

• Neck contour design for side sleepers perfectly aligns the body with room for the shoulder – unparalleled support and comfort nearing sleep nirvana

• Ventilation from top to bottom creates the ideal, refreshing sleep temperature

• Green tea formula is eco-friendly and sniff-worthy

• Crowd-pleasing curves still fit easily into your standard pillowcase

I was sent a Proactive Comfort Pillow for review. I've always been kind of a pillow snob. I'm very picky about having a pillow that isn't too soft (like goosedown) or too hard/firm. It has to be the right thickness too so my neck isn't sore in the morning. Being pregnant has made sleeping pretty difficult over the past few months. I was impressed with the Proactive Comfort Pillow because it was very comfortable. The Viscofresh memory foam was just the right firmness. It really conforms to the person using it. The neck contour is a design I never thought of before. I am normally a back sleeper but can only sleep on my sides right now. Having the extra space for my shoulders has made sleeping easier. The green tea scent is light and soothing. In fact, the scent was the first thing Dear Hubby noticed and it made him want to lay on it. We actually fight over this pillow at night now, but I usually win!

The Proactive Comfort Pillow is hypoallergenic and naturally anti-microbial. The product is available online http://www.sleepstudio.com/products/proactive-comfort-pillow and ships within 48 hours anywhere across the country.

I received this product free of charge for review on my blog. All views and opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.


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Looks like a great pillow!

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I definitely need a new pillow! My neck and back agree!!

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