Ring Bearer Pillows

A couple of good friends of ours recently got married. The bride had a hard time finding ring bearer pillows that she liked and would match the decor. Since both J and L were the ring bearers I was more than happy to help her out. I took the supplies she dropped off at my house with the wedding colors

and made these pillows

I made the smaller one for L so it would be easier for him to hold. The bride was thrilled with how they turned out and so was I. The boys looked adorable in their tuxes (pic to come on Wordless Wednesday). Incase you're wondering...Luke sprinted down the isle practically knocking over the flower girls and J sang a song to himself while dancing down the isle. He even threw in a few spins. Too cute!


sjs said...

Hi. I am new at reading your blog. You did an awesome job. They are really pretty.:)

This Mom said...

These are very cute, and I love your blog design. I'm now following from New Friend Friday. Have a great week!

Kate @ This Mom Loves

Kaysi said...


Nichol said...

Love them, you did a great job!

Beverly @ said...

These are really very sweet! I love the petals. How did you put them on the pillow? Are they sewn?
~stopping by from New Friend Friday! :) I'm a new follower!

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