CSN Stores Review - Oster Blender

CSN Stores is an amazing online site with over 200+ online stores. When I say you can literally find everything here I mean everything. You can shop for furniture, bikes, luggage, carseats and everything in between.

CSN Stores sponsored a giveaway on my blog several months ago and it was a hit. This time around
I was the lucky one to get to review one of their products. We were in the market for a new blender so this came at the perfect time. I chose the Oster 12- Speed Glass Jar Blender in black. I was so excited when the box arrived at my doorstep but then was so disappointed when I picked up the box. Without even having to open it I heard a million small broken glass pieces rolling around.

Well what better way to learn about a company then by dealing with their customer service. I contacted CSN Stores and told them about my broken blender. Without a hesitation, I got an apology (even though it was pretty obvious the item got damaged during transit) and a new blender was sent out immediately. The new box arrived on my doorstep a few days later, in perfect condition. Talk about great customer service.

I first tried the Oster Blender to make salsa. It came out just the wait I like it. Tomatoes and cilantro are pretty easy to blend up so I decided to give it a bigger test...a fruit smoothie. The boys love fruit smoothies and drink them year round so I needed a product that could do the job right everytime. It crushed up the ice into a smooth smoothie (ha!) just the way the boys like them. The fruit was chopped small enough I wouldn't have to worry about L choking on any pieces and everything fit through their straws without any clumps.

When you're in the market for...well just about anything, stop by CSN Stores first!

I received this product free of charge for review on my blog. All views and opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.


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