WAT-AAH Water Review

With the summer heat already setting in, I always worry about my kids drinking enough water and staying hydrated. Let's face it, water is pretty boring in kid standards and always takes some convincing or bribing on my part.

WAT-AHH is the first 100% sugar-free, functional beverage brand designed especially for kids. Their "cool" and colorful labels make them more attractive and encourage you to grab one.

There are 4 varieties:
•BRAIN with kid-friendly electrolytes to encourage faster absorption, hydration, and cooling down
•BONES with bone-building magnesium
•BODY is the foundation for the brand; pure spring water with absolutely no sugar, sodium, or chemicals
•ENERGY with oxygen for increased metabolic function and energy

WAT-AHH has a new advertising campaign “Don’t Drink ____, Drink WAT-AAH!” that launched in New York City. This campaign encourages parents and children to fill in the blank with words such as “Soda,” “Sugar,” “Junk,” and even “&#%+!”

J noticed the new colorful bottles in the fridge and asked what they were. I simply told him they were a new drink that he could try if he wanted to. He grabbed the green WAT-AHH with energy gulped it down. He said it tasted good because it was "cool" (green is his favorite color) and he liked the screaming kid. The bottle is nice and slim and perfect for his little hands. I tried the WAT-AHH with power. It was crisp and refreshing with no weird after taste.

You can purchase WAT-AHH on or buy typing in your zip code on WAT-AHH website to find a store near you.

I received this product free of charge for review on my blog. All views and opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.


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