Ridemakerz - Build Your Ride

"Ridemakerz is a supercharged, interactive experience where kids ages 6 to 106 build and customize their very own cars and trucks (we call them RIDEZ). There are 7 exciting steps to make your RIDE complete, and more then 649 million ways to make your RIDE one-of-a-kind. BUILD YOUR RIDE at one of our 12 shopz or at home through RIDEMAKERZ.COM and let the fun begin"

If this sounds like your kind of fun you need to check out this shop! The Ridemakerz website alone is so fun and exciting. My son spent hours just playing on the site before even making his car. Ridemakerz was generous enough to let us try out their website and let my son design his own car. He got to start by first picking his car model (dodge viper in fang green) and then went on to choose which sound his car would make and some really cool chrome and tires. After that you can customize your Ride further by adding accessory kitz, spoilerz, enginez and more. You can even upgrade your car to a radio-control car.

You're not done yet. After you build your car you can make it official by creating a personalized license plate and receive your official Certificate of Title. Then enter your Ride Identification Number (RIN) at PLAY.RIDEMAKERSZ.COM to race your Ride online.

Needless to say this is now my son's favorite toy and it goes everywhere he goes.

Make sure you take a look online at or stop by one of their stores and enjoy this fun experience with your family.


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