As a parent I worry all the time about what my kids are eating. Sometimes I wonder how my son manages to have so much energy all day when I can barely get a few bites of food in him. It's important those few bites are healthy bites, right? They have to taste good too or it will go to the dogs. Even snack time can be a struggle. He's a fruit lover but like any other kid he would take a cookie instead if it were offered. If we're running out the door, I need a snack for him that's convenient and won't end up all over the car or himself.

So here's my answer to it all...BALANCE B KIDS™ Nutritious Kids Snack Bar.

These are new bars made by BALANCE Bar and are geared to the nutrients kids need to feed their growing brains and bodies. BALANCE B KIDS™ bars are a wholesome combination of whole grain oats, wheat and rice. These nutritious bars come in two yummy flavors, chocolate chip and peanut butter.

The whole grains help fuel your kid's active life while the Zinc helps their brains and body cells grow and develop. These bars include vitamins B1, B6 and B12 to help support your kid's healthy nervous system and Iron to help deliver oxygen to their brain and body.

I was lucky enough to get to try these fabulous BALANCE B KIDS™ bars before they hit Target stores shelves in June. I was sent several bars of both the chocolate chip and peanut butter flavors. I let my niece and nephews try them out too since ultimately they are geared towards kids. They loved them! So of course I had to try a bite too. When I hear about a healthy bar made of oats and wheat my first thought is always "it probably tastes like cardboard". These bars didn't taste like cardboard at all. They were so good you don't even realize you're eating something good for you...which is the easiest way to get nutrients into my kids. I love peanut butter so that was my favorite of the two flavors. The chocolate lovers will love the chocolate chip bars because they were covered in chocolate chips. Eating BALANCE B KIDS™ bars you don't feel like you're compromising the good tastes you love for the nutritional value you need.

Make your way to Target stores in June to pick up your own BALANCE B KIDS™ bars. I'm sure your kids (and maybe even yourself) will love them as much as we did.


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